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Turbocharger repair services

5 Reasons to Repair Turbocharger in TurboAM Company

More than 20 years in the turbocharger repair industry
The largest in Ukraine set of components and spare parts for repair
Accurate diagnosis using certified UK equipment
All works are done at our own production complex
We work all over Ukraine

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В стоимость ремонта турбокомпрессора входит

1 Разборка турбокомпрессора, чистка, мойка, пескоструйная обработка
2 Дефектовка. Выявление поврежденных деталей и причин выхода турбокомпрессора из строя
3 Расточка среднего корпуса (корпуса подшипников) турбокомпрессора. В случае сильной степени износа
4 Шлифовка ротора. В случае повреждений или сильной выработке ротор меняется на новый
5 Изготовление новых подшипников скольжения
6 Замена упорного подшипника и деталей динамического газомасляного уплотнения
7 Балансировка отдельно ротора, отдельно колеса компрессора , а затем – ротора в сборе
8 Сборка “картриджа” турбокомпрессора
9 Добалансировка на низкооборотистом стенде до 20.000 оборотов для устранения технологического дисбаланса и проверки утечки масла через динамическое газомасляное уплотнение
10 Добалансировка на высокооботистом стенде до 180.000 оборотов для окончательной балансировки картриджа
11 Установка картриджа в корпусные детали
12 Испытание на безмоторном стенде с имитацией работы на двигателе (рабочие обороты до 120.000 оборотов и температуры выхлопных газов до 700°C)

Information on the repair of turbochargers

Turbine repair is a logical choice in terms of price-performance ratio, in the event of a turbocharger malfunction. That's why the company TurboAM LLC NPP "Agromarket" has been repairing turbochargers of any complexity for various vehicles for more than 20 years.

Our specialists are able to repair the turbine for almost any type of equipment equipped with a turbocharger. Turbines from cargo and passenger cars, construction, agricultural, specialized equipment, and much more are subject to repair.

Being in Dergachi, in the immediate vicinity of Kharkov, we annually serve several thousand clients. For many years our services have been used by private individuals, as well as by various enterprises and many service stations. Customers from all over Ukraine apply to us, and delivery, if necessary, is provided by "Nova Poshta".

TurboAM offers flexible repair conditions, taking into account the wishes and budget possibilities of the customer: repair and replacement of spare parts, as well as their price range - everything is adjusted according to client's wishes. A popular replacement for the price / quality ratio is the replacement of the turbine cartridge.

Another important fact is the fact that TurboAM is one of the leading distributors of spare parts for turbines in Ukraine. This allows you to easily find new original spare parts for repairing the turbocharger. Also, thanks to the availability of specialized British equipment from Turbo Technics, turbochargers repaired at TurboAM are balanced and adjusted nozzle apparatus according to the original factory parameters, which, in turn, significantly improves the quality and durability of the repaired turbine.